Jeff Zappieri 2

Jeff  is currently an adjunct with the Planning and Geography Department at SUNY Albany, where he advises on program issues and teaches graduate courses in conservation theory, as well as coastal zone management, environmental assessment, and agroecology.

Jeff holds a B.S. in Biology from Cornell University and an M.S. in Biodiversity, Conservation and Policy from SUNY Albany. He is retired from New York’s Coastal Management Program, in the state’s Office of Planning and Development, where he oversaw regulation of all coastal development and assisted local governments in designing and implementing sustainable, resilient development projects.

Jeff also has a background in sustainable agriculture, having owned and managed two diverse crop and livestock farms in New York state. As part of his farming endeavors, he worked with Cooperative Extension staff to offer on-farm training in sustainable practices for farmers and homeowners.

In addition, Jeff co-managed a public works construction firm, where he was responsible for field operations, as well as all environmental and worker safety concerns.