Sustainable Living Networks


Current modes of human living are not sustainable or resilient and have led to wide-spread damages to the fundamental ecosystems, natural resources, and climate that we all rely on. Forming sustainable living networks within the community is an excellent way to minimize our impacts on local ecosystems and the global climate, work together to build community, and educate and reskill one another to build social capital and resilience.


Key Issues

  1. Lack of knowledge and skills for sustainable living
  2. Social silos and civic disengagement
  3. Mainstream culture inhibits sustainable behaviors

Potential Policy Strategies

  1. Reskilling through apprenticeships
  2. Embracing the common good to promote cooperation
  3. Developing best practices for sustainable communities

Our Role

  1. Facilitate skills training
  2. Support the building of cooperative networks
  3. Research best practices for sustainability and resilience