Sponge Cities: China’s solution to water stress in the face of climate change

China has started implementing new strategies to combat water stress in urban areas due to climate change. These strategies include green rooftops, urban wetland parks, permeable pavement, and a broad assortment of novel engineering strategies, all of which are implemented to retain rainwater within the city, add ground water as a backup for times of drought, and prevent excessive stormwater flooding. These shifts toward green infrastructure are needed here in New York State’s Capital Region to help minimize the impacts of current and future projected flooding due to climate change while creating meaningful jobs. We can learn from the successes of these projects in China to help guide our local communities toward implementing our own ‘Sponge City’ strategies.  

To read more about China’s efforts, see the linked articles below:  

China’s ‘sponge cities’ aim to re-use 70% of rainwater – here’s how 

Three Ways to Think Like a Sponge City 

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